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Tablao La Fragua

A trip to the essential origins of Flamenco.

Come discover the soul of toná, to feel the depth of martinete in La Fragua while the artists sing and celebrate life. Come and listen to the purest “quejío”, get excited, and fall in love with the “jondo” dance, eternally echoing on the tablao.
La Fragua is a tablao, or dance hall, created by artists from flamenco family lines. It has its roots in primordial flamenco, in uncompromising tradition. It also draws on the soul of the first songs that emerged in the forges of Cádiz, Jerez and Seville—of the deep, tragic, and passionate zapateados of the first Andalusian dancers.
La Fragua is an ephemeral catharsis. Authenticity passes through it with Unique character. More than a tablao, it is an experience. It is a journey made with devotion and respect for the origins of flamenco. Hit the Road, because returning to it is always Top Priority.

The purpose of La Fragua

A trip to the vital origins of the art of Flamenco.

For centuries, iron work in the forges has been one of the main occupations of Andalusian Romani people. From the extreme arduousness of the forge came “el Grito,” the stark and deep expression of men who sing to express their dreams, needs, and desires.

It is in the forges, to the beat of a hammer hitting the iron of an anvil, where the primitive flamenco songs were born and shaped:

the toná, the martinete, the debla, the liviana… Sung a capella, hard, difficult. Natural.

The artists of La Fragua dance and sing out of necessity. They turn their show into a path of intuition and freedom, and they travel to the vital origins of flamenco with the sole vocation of impassioning the hearts, blood, and souls of their audience forever.

Our show

Flamenco is a feeling that comes from the depths of the earth.

La Fragua’s shows are inspired by the primitive songs of the early nineteenth century. They are marked by fire with the art of improvisation—a magic that is part of the soul and idiosyncrasy of flamenco—and turns each performance into a unique and unrepeatable experience.

La Fragua preserves essential flamenco in its tablao in Madrid. It is pure song and dance, at its roots. The superhuman and artistic impulse is loaded with the emotion, feeling, and authenticity of an ancient art.

Encompassing Art

A ring of Artists.

From the heart of Tablao La Fragua, we give you our warmest welcome, and we offer you a total immersion experience in the purest roots of a universal culture: flamenco.

Come and let the song and dance of La Fragua encompass you on all four sides. Get comfortable. Close your eyes. And simply feel.

Mónika Rojas

Founder Tablao La Fragua.
Flamenca Dancer.

Salvador Barrul

Founder of Tablao La Fragua.
Flamenco Singer.

José Maya

Artistic Director of Tablao La Fragua.
Flamenco Dancer.

Alejandra Hernández

Dancer at Tablao La Fragua.
Flamenca Dancer.

Sabrina Fernández

Dancer at Tablao La Fragua.
Flamenca Dancer.

Pino Losada

Co-Founder of Tablao La Fragua.
Flamenco Guitarist.

La Fragua


A tablao to enjoy!

And enjoy it! You will not be able to resist the menus of chef Francisco Javier Navarro (“El Flaco Navarro”), the authentic master chef in charge of La Fragua responsible for adding flavour, salt, and pepper to our show.
Discover these dishes in our gastronomic zone and come enjoy them with family and friends. We welcome you with open arms!